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The COVID-19 outbreak shows the necessity of multilateral responses, international cooperation and global solidarity. In this regard, the strategic partnership centered on mutual-benefits and economic development between Turkey and Africa has been maintained even during the pandemic.

Turkey has long-standing historical and cultural relations with the African continent, dating back centuries. And, Turkey’s decade-long economic boom has been accompanied by a renewed interest in Africa and the trade volume with the Continent has been quadrupled to 22,5 billion USD in 2019 in 15 years since Turkish strategy on the Development of the Economic Relations with African Countries was prepared in 2003.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, Africa was expected to have the highest economic growth rate in the world. Besides, Turkey’s trade and investment relations with African countries were progressing and blooming. However, the pandemic has changed the landscape and the dynamics of doing business.

Despite all the negative indicators, Africa’s experience and constant fight against recurring and infectious diseases have helped the countries to take the necessary measures to provide front-line health services, support continuation of projects and keep economies afloat in the face of the worst global economic downturn. Turkey’s approach to the COVID-19 has been to ensure effective protection of public health while not suspending business.

Industrialization and investments in infrastructure are critical to accelerate economic recovery, create jobs, reduce poverty, and stimulate productive investment as well as to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this respect, Africa and Turkey could benefit from guidelines in safety, efficiency and productivity in sectors such as infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, agriculture, transports and logistics.

Based on the assumption that trade, investment and stimulus are needed to cushion the economic impact of the current crisis and increase the resilience of the economies, we are proud to announce you that Turkey-Africa Economic and Business Forum (TABEF) will be held online for the first time ever on 8-9 October 2020 to provide an open space for eminent representatives of Public and Private sector actors, from both Turkey and Africa, to discuss and to jointly identify steps for scaling up private sector engagement and innovative catalytic Public-Private Partnerships for broad-based, sustainable, inclusive growth and development while building on their respective experiences.

TABEF Online Edition will be a precursor and an in-depth preparatory stage leading up to the Turkey-Africa III. Economy and Business Forum (TABEF-III) held in Istanbul in April 2021. The suggestions and recommendations originating from the digital event are expected to feed directly into and enrich discussions at TABEF-III paving the way for sustainable win-win relationships.

The Forum is mainly aimed at promoting Turkish and Africa investments through analyzing trade and economic relations between Africa and Turkey; evaluating Turkey’s approach to investment in Africa; facilitating interaction between the two business communities and initiating dialogue between Turkish investors, the AU and the RECs. It is also aimed at highlighting the Expectations engendered by Agenda 2063 as a program for social, economic and political transformation that will make Africa a prosperous, united and economically independent Continent.

TABEF Online Edition, co-organized by Turkish Ministry of Trade, African Union Commission and DEiK, will continue to be vital source of information, support, guidance and networking, and will provide the unique opportunity for the business circles of Turkey and African countries to meet and interact, and discuss the models necessary to manage business through this catastrophe, the strategies for reviving the economies and finding solutions in a post-COVID world.

The free, global, digital-first and two-day event will provide you access to hot business topics, high-level speakers, live networking & video chats, project presentations, virtual country desks with downloadable intro videos, brochures & presentations, and virtual exhibition with demo videos and downloadable product & services catalogues.